Those voices in your head…

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Do you have them? I do, and everybody I talk to about it (granted, not very scientific) has them too. Those voices in your head that chatter…on and on and ON…while you are driving, working, talking, listening….

It’s really hard to quiet those voices, perhaps impossible, so it’s important to pay attention to whether those voices are helping you or making you miserable. Are the voices loving, supportive, creative, funny? Or do the voices nag, criticize, mock and undermine? Do you recognize some of the voices as being other than your own?

Though we may not be able to quiet the voices, we can change their tone and their purpose. It will take some dedication and practice, but the results will be worth it!

The first thing is to note whether your inner voices are lifting you up. If so, revel in their love and support. If those voices need some lessons in nurturing, a good place to start is with “NO!”. (You can say it out loud if that helps, but it can get a little weird explaining yourself if there are others around.) Stop the thought in its tracks as soon as you recognize it as being negative. Immediately counter the negative comment with a positive thought; need an idea?  Try starting with a simple “I’ve got this!”.

How do you quiet the critics and hear the supporters? Leave a comment below and share your tips!

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