Attitude check…

Have you ever been there?  You know the place…your attitude, mood, or energy could use a bit of an adjustment.

You realize that you are frowning, snipping, complaining, or about to explode with frustration.  Of course you’ve been there.  We all have!  (Hey, we’re human…)

When I need an attitude check, there are a few tried and true methods I turn to:

1) Breathe.  Take a deep breath or two. Have you ever noticed that upset people are often breathing very shallowly? Get some oxygen in your system… It seems so basic, so obvious. But it’s often overlooked, and it’s such a great place to start. No special equipment needed.

2) Change something. It can be your physical location, your shoes (my red ones always make me smile), your current activity, or your focus. You can try doing several at once! Take a walk down the hall, say hello to a co-worker, and try to bring a little light to their day. There’s a good chance you’ll make yours brighter, too.

3) Put on some music. Ideally, something that makes you want to tap your toes or sing along. I like almost anything from the 80’s (and the 70’s hits are pretty amazing as well). Funny story…I was on vacation with my family and my sister asked (after a lot of car time), “What is up with your kids and the 70’s music?”. I could only reply, “I’ve taught them well!”. But, back to the point. It’s hard to stay crabby when you’re singing.

Funny girl listening to the music with earphones from a phone

4) Smile! Your physiology affects your psychology. Even if it feels fake at first, give it a good go and see what happens. Even better, if you have a little privacy or feel uninhibited…laugh. Out loud. Practice your best evil genius guffaw or wicked witch cackle. Odds are, it will make you (or your cubicle mate, anyway) start grinning for real.

So, there you have it. Four quick tips for improving your attitude when an adjustment is in order. If you find that you need these frequently, it might be time to figure out what is causing that bad attitude to keep rearing its head. A recurring bad attitude may be there to let you know that you need to make some bigger changes, or fix some long-standing issues, to make day-to-day life more pleasant.

What you need a quick attitude check, what do you do?  Post a comment to let me know.


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