Adaptability – A CliftonStrengths Relationship Building Theme

Adaptability is one of my Signature (top 5) strengths, and it is the one that I identify with most strongly. It has served me well over the years, being able to navigate emergencies and crises in ways that have surprised both me and some people around me. I am more comfortable reacting to things than I am planning for things. It still surprises me that I deployed for a year in the role of a planner. I’m so glad I worked with a fantastic team!

Adaptability is a relationship building theme. People with strong adaptability like to go with the flow. They respond easily to change and enjoy responding to the demands of the moment. They expect and enjoy sudden requests or detours from plans. They appreciate variety in their days and dislike routine, structure and predictability.

This strength has been on my mind a lot lately as I start focusing attention on developing my business. I have been very “go with the flow” about what I do, and it’s worked pretty well so far.

Scrabble picture with Accountability
Adaptability is a Relationship Building Theme

Earlier this year, I joined a business development program that has me thinking about what I really want my business to look like and how I want to move forward. It’s been a bit challenging for this in-the-moment gal. Setting and working towards goals are not really a forte for those strong in adaptability.

I am most productive when something is needed immediately, when there is a set deadline. So, I’m playing with ways to give myself enough structure to be productive with enough flexibility to keep me from rebelling. I’m using flexible time blocking in my calendar and have set up some awesome accountability buddies for some mutual support. It’s an ongoing learning experiment, and I’m excited by what’s happening so far.

Is adaptability a strong theme for you? If so, how do you manage it so that it can be most effective?

CliftonStrengths® is the result of decades of research by Gallup. It’s an assessment that measures the presence of talents in 34 areas called talent themes. As a development tool, it identifies areas where an individual’s investment in development taps into their unique path to satisfaction and success.

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