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Hi, I’m Noreen Keesey.

I’m a leadership development coach and trainer.

I help people better understand themselves and others and use that knowledge to improve their work and home lives.

I fell in love with leadership and organizational development in the Army, where I worked with people very different from myself.

I joined the National Guard when I was in high school.

This was an unexpected move! I was interested in psychology and humanities and travel and, as my mother said, was the only daughter who wore dresses. (She cried when I enlisted!)

While serving in the Guard part-time, I graduated from college with a major in social work and a minor in psychology. I had no idea how big of a role the military would play in my future career.

Military life…

After graduating, I was applying for a full-time job when I was offered three weeks of temporary work for the National Guard. I had no idea that a three-week job offer would lead me to a career I loved!

I loved it because I worked in the personal and professional development, organizational development, and team building arenas. This aligned well with my interests and education, and I found great satisfaction in working with people.  

The two main themes in my career were developing leaders and improving organizations. So, I conducted a lot of training (for groups ranging from school kids to Generals), assessed internal processes, evaluated other organizations’ processes, and facilitated many, many work groups.

I learned about strategic planning, process improvement, personality assessments, emotional intelligence, activity based learning, mentoring, mediation and more. All fed my love of learning and kept me interested and engaged at work.

If it dealt with development, I wanted to know more. As a result of that desire to keep learning, I am a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Master Practitioner and a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths® coach. Two of my favorite tools!

As a woman in a male dominated field with a background in working with people rather than warfare, it didn’t seem like a good fit. I found my way in that world and grew to love it.

Throughout my military career, I would joke about having an inner hippie and found great satisfaction in wearing tie-dye. I love meditation, yoga, and essential oils and am finding my way back to that foundation of who I am, while still using many of the skills I developed in the Guard.

As I was nearing retirement, I knew I wanted to continue working with people who were passionate about personal and professional development. Coaching was a path I’d researched years earlier and that interest never went away. So, with an eye to starting my own business, I completed a coach training program.

Now I use all I’ve learned to help smart, dedicated women become the leaders they want to be.  

The knowledge and tools I gained about leadership development, team development and organizational improvement are as applicable outside of the military as they are within. People deserve to do work they enjoy and to have leaders who care about their development and success.

Humble brags:

  • Over twenty years in the field of leadership and organizational development
  • Awarded State and National level Meritorious Service Medals for leadership and organizational development
  • Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach
  • MBTI® Master Practitioner
  • BP10 coach –  one of only about 300 in the world
  • Qualified Mediator
  • Trained in several other methodologies for professional, team, and business development

I help amazing professionals who know that you can love your work, make a difference for others, and still have time to enjoy life.  

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