How do you eat an elephant?

Perhaps you know the answer to this one? One bite at a time…

When I think about change, I think about this question. Change is challenging yet it is something we do all the time. Or perhaps I should say it is something we attempt all the time.

Maybe you’ve heard the statistics thrown around about New Year’s resolution success rates. (If you haven’t, they aren’t great!) It could be that you make the same resolution year after year. After year…

One option is to give up. Who wants to eat an elephant anyway? That may be a valid choice. But maybe giving up isn’t a great idea. Maybe the goal is important. Maybe it isn’t optional. Maybe it’s a deep, deep desire that you are not ready to abandon.

So when facing big changes against difficult odds, what’s one to do? It’s big, it’s a bit overwhelming, and a little scary. Take a deep breath and remember the elephant question.

Take one little step at a time
Break it down!

If your desired change was the elephant, what “bite” (small step) could you take to get started? What can you start doing…or stop doing…that will move you in the direction you want to go?

I’ve recently quit a sugar habit. It’s been a while in the making and, don’t get me wrong, I still plan to have sugar as an occasional treat. But in getting here, I took baby steps. First, I quit drinking soda. I kept at that until it was easy and I no longer missed it.

Then I stopped eating candy treats. After that, I drove past my favorite ice cream establishment rather than driving through. The final baby step was cutting my beloved latte flavoring down to one pump of syrup. Now, I no longer even miss those.

Because I took it in tiny steps it was easier than I expected to cut sugar and far more successful than when I tried to do it all at once.

Do you have a goal you’ve been working on? What little step will you take to move you in the right direction? Comment below and let me know!

P.S. I do not condone eating elephants. Just google “baby elephant gif”; so much cuteness! Until then, here’s a little one to admire:

Baby Elephant
Photo by Chen Hu on Unsplash


What if it didn’t have to be hard?

Have you ever struggled with an issue? Had a goal that was difficult to attain? Faced a problem?

I’m guessing the answer is yes. Well, I have too. In fact, I’ve got some projects on which I have displayed some pretty impressive (if I say so myself) procrastination!

As I was considering writing this post, a thought entered my head:

“What if it didn’t have to be hard?”.  – Click to tweet!

You see, I’m doing some things. I’ve got plans for 2019 that make me a little nervous if I’m honest. Some of them…I’m avoiding. And I noticed that the areas where I’m making progress are the ones where I have intentionally made them as easy as possible.

Keep it simple


Keep it simple! It seems like easy enough advice.

Here’s a secret…I sometimes complicate things. I have the best of intentions! But by worrying about things being excellent, they sometimes never get to even be good.

So, I’m taking the realization that ‘easy’ makes progress and ‘complicated’ creates procrastination and applying that learning to more areas of my life. The first one is creating this blog post. It isn’t perfect, but it is done.

What about you? Where are you making things harder than they need to be? Leave a reply and let me know!